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Home| Hoisin-Marinated Chicken With Napa Slaw
Hoisin-Marinated Chicken With Napa Slaw
Hoisin-Marinated Chicken With Napa SlawHoisin-Marinated Chicken With Napa Slaw

This is my Asian barbecued chicken. Itís an outstanding dish, not only because itís often cooked outdoors and is excellent for a gathering but because itís served with a light, fresh slaw, a perfect contrast to the spicy-sweet chicken.

You can, and should, marinate the chicken ahead-overnight isnít too long. And you can double this dish; people canít seem to get enough of it.


2 cups hoisin sauce
4 tablespoons sambal olek
2 bunches scallions, white and green parts chopped
1 cup dry red wine
1/2 cup finely chopped garlic
1/2 cup finely chopped fresh ginger
2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper
4 chicken breasts with drumettes (first wing joints)
attached and 4 chicken leg thigh pieces
Napa Slaw 



1. In a non-reactive baking dish just large enough
 to hold the chicken, combine the hoisin sauce,
sambal olek, scallions, wine, garlic, ginger, and 
pepper and mix. Add the chicken, turn to coat,
cover, and marinate, refrigerated, at least 4 hours 
and preferably overnight.

2. Heat an outdoor grill or preheat the broiler. 
Spray the grill with nonstick cooking spray. 
Season the chicken with the salt to taste and grill 
or broil it. Turning once, until brown and the juices
run clear when pricked with a fork at the joint, 12 
to 15 minutes.

3. Divide the slaw and chicken among 4 plates
and serve

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