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Boyajian Infused Oil, Vinegar and Dipping Sauces
I am always looking for delicious new ways to simplify and innovate East-meets-West cuisine.  The ability to add intense amounts of flavor with a few simple ingredients turns making weeknight dinners into no-brainers.

I keep a stable of Boyajian infused oils on my counter at home. Boyajian oils got its start in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just a few towns over from my restaurant Blue Ginger. But thatís not the real reason Iím so partial to them.  

Boyajian uses a true infusion process to create their oils and dressings. They put fresh herbs and spices into pure sesame, olive or peanut oil and leave them for days to allow the flavors to steep. Their products are local, artisanal and delicious. Itís a winning combination. Here are some tips on how you can use each of these amazing oils.

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