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Home| Kyocera Advanced Ceramics | Kyocera Ceramic Kitchen Tools | Kyocera Peelers | * Kyocera Ceramic RED MEGA Peeler (CWP-NRD)
* Kyocera Ceramic RED MEGA Peeler (CWP-NRD)
* Kyocera Ceramic RED MEGA Peeler (CWP-NRD)
* Kyocera Ceramic RED MEGA Peeler (CWP-NRD)
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Any cook will tell you: peeling thick melon rinds and tropical fruits can be a hassle. To the rescue: Kyocera’s new Wide Peeler. Unlike traditional peelers, this one is made of zirconium oxide, a highly advanced ceramic that is razor-sharp, won’t rust and offers an efficient, uniquely angled wide blade. At 3-1/4” inches wide, the Wide Peeler’s blade is more than twice as wide as traditional peelers. This special design makes the Wide Peeler ideal for heavy-duty peeling tasks like papaya, melon, jicama and root vegetables. It can also be used for shaving chocolate and hard cheeses and also for shredding cabbage.   

Lightweight and easy to use, the Kyocera Wide Peeler is dishwasher safe and includes side corers for removing imperfections from fruits and vegetables.   Its most unique feature is the single-sided ceramic blade that allows for consistent, even peeling. Ultra-sharp, the Wide Peeler’s blade lasts much longer than traditional peelers and because ceramic is chemically inert, it won’t alter the taste or smell of food: dishes taste the way they’re supposed to.  

The Kyocera Wide Peeler is angled at 45 degrees so less effort is needed to peel thick-skinned fruits and vegetables. The ergonomically designed resin handle fits comfortably in the hand and features a hang-hole for wall storage. It’s available in an attractive red color.

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